Invisalign Express

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Need straight teeth now? Invisalign knows that sometimes we just can’t wait. We need straight teeth and we need them now, whether for a special occasion, an important business meeting, or for our overall sense of wellbeing.

Invisalign’s fast treatment options can get you these straight teeth and that beautiful smile you’re imagining in as little as three months. If all you need is a minor correction to your front six teeth, Invisalign Express could be all the treatment you need.

How does Invisalign Express work?

As part of the Invisalign family, Invisalign Express uses Invisalign’s virtually invisible, clear plastic aligners to move your teeth into position. The difference is, Invisalign Express aligners are only used for simple tooth corrections. 

Suitable cases for Invisalign Express 

So, how do you know if all you need is a simple tooth correction? If you've got a slightly crooked tooth or a gap between your teeth that is annoying you, Invisalign Express could treat this. Maybe you had orthodontic treatment in the past and your teeth have moved slightly, meaning you've lost that set of perfectly straight teeth you once had. Invisalign Express could treat this too. 

But the best thing about Invisalign Express treatment is that you'll see results in as little as three months!

Types of Invisalign Express

Invisalign offers two different types of express aligners: Invisalign Express 5 and Invisalign Express 10.

  • Invisalign Express 5: This version of Invisalign is for minor treatment which can be fixed with just five sets of aligners. It’s ideal for minimal crowding or spacing issues, or for those patients with previously straightened teeth that are moving back towards their original position.
  • Invisalign Express 10: This version takes twice as long as Invisalign Express 5 but that doesn’t mean to say it’s not a fast treatment. On average, each set of Invisalign’s virtually invisible aligners only needs to be worn for two-to-three weeks, so any minor corrections can be remedied between four and five months.

Invisalign Assist

Another unique element of Invisalign’s fast treatment options is the Invisalign Assist tool. This is a program which orthodontists can use to keep track of the movement of your teeth. If the program identifies teeth that aren’t moving as they should, your next set of aligners can be adjusted to ensure they get back on track. This ensures your treatment isn’t delayed.  

What are the benefits of Invisalign Express?

Fast and effective: Minor tooth corrections can be achieved in as little as three months meaning you'll see results before anyone finds out you're even having treatment.

Aesthetically pleasing: Invisalign Express aligners are virtually invisible so although you won't be wearing them for long, no-one will know you're wearing them at all.

Easy maintenance: The removable aligners make having orthodontic treatment easy. You can remove them for eating, brushing and flossing and for important occasions, such as a business meeting, social engagement or even your wedding day.

To find out more about your Invisalign treatment options, search for your nearest TIO today.